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"This letter is my personal recommendation for Andy Woods.  Until recently, I have been one of Andy's immediate supervisors, for approximately a year, and his co-worker prior to that.  Andy is a gifted massage therapist.  He draws not just from ongoing training and a clear understanding of how the body works, but also truly listens to his clients, asks the right questions, and customizes each and every massage to the client's needs.  Andy has the ability to make his clients feel comfortable instantly.  His massage is both therapeutic and relaxing, which attracted a diverse group of clients of various ages and different level of physical fitness.  He has consistently had high request rates, whether it's for his deep tissue work, or sports massage, or a nice relaxing Swedish.  Besides his massage skills, Andy is also generous in spirit, and has helped many of our new hires adjust to a fast paced work environment."  

-Helen Klosson-

"Andy Woods has been my go to massage therapist since 2012.  I've had many massages over the years and in my opinion, he is the best.  He has a wonderful technique and an easy going manner that makes you feel very relaxed.  I'd say if you want to treat yourself, give Andy a try, he delivers exactly what you want in a massage."

-Kerry Davidson-

"He is a really skilled therapist and does an amazing job fixing issues (sore back, tight hamstrings, hip flexers, etc).  He's almost like a physical therapist/sports therapist, and saved me during my recent training!"

-Lynne Byrne-

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